‘We Are Never Real Historians, But Always Near Poets’ is a photographic series set in the Australian bush engaged with the cerebral binary of remembered history and arriving in the here-and-now. Embedded is a duality: History effects the way an individual assimilates sensory input of the present. However, the present ultimately accumulates to constitute an individual's history. This duality is not necessarily a crisis; rather the series examines the poetics present in an individual coalescing history and the here-and-now in a stream of consciousness.

The water, reflections and human protagonist are symbolic devices in this poetic inquiry. Consciousness bears semblance to a watercourse; each movement in the water is effected not only by the immediate natural forces, but also by the falls and eddies higher upstream. Thoughts are washed along with the currents of the past. The protagonist frequently appears to be unfolding from his reflection. It is his historical self peeling away with each passing moment. Is he separating from this history as it is being laid down? Or is it spilling forth into the here and now?

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